The story of humans is a Good News-bad News Story.

It’s one in which the extremes of humans’ nature are juxtaposed – like an X. Enter the Bible (X is the Greek symbol for Christ).

Humans – mentally - are comprised of the Spiritual Self and its extreme opposite, the Ego Self. Also known as #Strawman.

The Spiritual Self follows the path of Nature: follows inner desires such as Intuition, need to be involved in the Higher pursuits of:

*Music - harmony, rhythm, ie. attunement to & expressions of the frequencies of the Universe, * Dance - using the physical body to express the higher mind,

* Acting – exercising the multi facets and characters that comprise the individual, *Mime – physical expression without words.

*Art – Visual expression without words.

* Autonomic travel – following one’s nose to uncover untold Truths. All above devoid of any Ego Identity.

The SPIRITUAL path offers avenues and STREETS to the Higher State via oneness with the universe.

The Ego Self represents the opposite end of the spectrum:-

* Conditioning and conforming to the rules set by Society, even if against Intuition

* Promotion of the Outer State (appearance, popularity and conforming to the above rules) as being representative of the whole self

* Sex, Food and Family projected as the only (legal) way to ‘be complete’.

* Using others as a way of elevating one's Ego status.

Ego stands behind the corner of every turn that humans make. Hence Acting is no longer about pursuit of exercising one's various facets, but about promoting ..... elevating the state of oneself - thanks to the #media.

*Money - Without this, humans won’t find a path to the means of experiencing the Higher State, unless they live in alignment with their hidden Spiritual, Meta Twin.

The above (Ego) is one of the major reasons for Mental Illness. The misunderstanding of the Twin nature of humans - the Conscious and the Unconscious minds.

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